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We help our distinguished customers in their need of Java, Java EE, Software Development Lifecycle and Consulting Services.


We identify, define and implement the necessary consultancy steps to achieve the desired improvements with highly skiled Java engineers.


We provide specialized training sessions for individuals who are interested in:


  1. Java
  2. Design Patterns
  3. Test Automation, Selenium and Appium
Test Automation

We provide test automation services across different platforms based on our in-house R&D studies. With our extensive know-how in the industry, we provide advanced testing solutions for our outstanding customers.

We provide custom solutions for our clients who need planning for complex business processes and require optimal usage of their existing resources to overcome operational challenges.


We take our lead from our clients’ needs and provide them with consulting solutions specifically tailored to their requirements.

Moving forward and achieving the best !

Testinium Mobil ve Web Test Otomasyon Çözümü

Advanced Mobile and Web Test Automation Software

Special software to control the execution of mobile and web platforms

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